Church History

The Organizing of the Longview Church of God marked the fulfillment of a vision – a vision that began in September 1952 under the able leadership of Rev. J.W. and Emma Pritchard. 15 members of the East Hickory Church of God (now called the Huntington Hills Church of God) lived in the Longview area. They had to drive across town to East Hickory. Under the leadership of J.W. Pritchard, they decided to move their memberships and start a church in Longview. They were given a lot at the west end of Hickory Spinners Mill on Highway 70 by a gentleman by the name of Mr. Carpenter, who lived on 33rd Street in Longview. They put up a small tent and started their journey. The fifteen charter members were Joe L. and Sarah Laugridge, Lawrence and Melba Elliot, Miles and Lois Trivette, Glenna Duncan, Elizabeth Curtis, Barbara Knox, Essie Miller, Lassie Barnes, Lucille Abee, Hester Conley, Ernest Rogers and Willie Grace Robbins. Others that attended around that time were Elizabeth Pritchard Kirby, Charlene Barnes, Douglas Laughridge, Frank Elliot, Paul Trivette, Alan Abee, Shirley Abee, Nadine Abee, Sarah Leonhardt, Toney Robbins, Gene Robbins, Sue Robbins Morgan, Lettie Pritchard, and Juanita Pritchard. The new congregation purchased and moved into the first church building in the Mill Village, in December of the same year. They built Sunday School classrooms as the church began to grow.  After Rev. Pritchard retired, Rev. Francis Vaughn became the new pastor. Following him Rev. Jimmy Herron served as pastor and under his leadership a parsonage was built across from the church. The next pastor was M.L. Herring followed by A.L. Garden who was followed by Rev. Odell Simmons in the mid 70’s. Between the mid to late 70’s Mr. Gene Snipes bought a lot and donated it so they could build a new church under the leadership of Rev. Odell Simmons. In the late 70’s the church was completed. Since that time Rev. Gene Sprinkle and Rev. Marshall Poplin have served as pastor of Longview Church of God. Rev. John Miles followed and under his leadership a new parsonage was built as well as the Family Life Center. The next pastor was Rev. C. L. Simmons. Our current Pastor is Bishop Ken Jenkins. In September 2014, Longview Church of God celebrated its 62nd birthday.   


Rev. J.W.  and Emma Pritchard 


Longview Church of God was erected to the Glory of God as a testimony to the faithfulness and faith of dedicated believers. It is our desire that in this building, men will worship the Eternal God in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Its doors are open to all who sincerely seek to know Jesus Christ, the living Son of God. To the achievement of this purpose this building is dedicated. So the past and the present meet in combined faith for the future.